Styling a Small Bedroom

Its tricky to use the full potential of a small bedroom but not impossible. Careful planning and rethinking can save a lot of time and hassle to achieve a very sophisticated tiny bedroom sanctuary. Looking for styling inspiration for a small bedroom of your own than look no further. Here are few tips and tricks to overcome the difficulty while setting up a decorative small bedroom space.

A small bedroom will always need a proper floor plan to fit all the stuff tactfully. A well thought out layout of furniture before hand can make it easy to put into practice. Once you  know the furniture you definitely need to keep as essential in the small bedroom the next step is to choosing the right placing for it. Sometime all the furniture along one wall can be the best option while in others a more scattered layout may work best. Its better to avoid too much stuff and declutter all that can create chaos in a tiny space. You don’t want your tiny bedroom to give out a feeling of overwhelming with too much stuff.

Mirrors can make a room look bigger than what it actually is. The idea to keep in mind is to give off an illusion of bigger space. The best way to do this is to use light colors in the linens and materials. Your linens can be more in the neutral tones to have a sense of escape and clarity. Its always best to use uplifting colors to open up the space in hand.

Natural lighting can help make a bedroom look very refreshing and airy. Light shades curtains is better to avoid an over baring heavy look. Most cases simple white shirred curtains can just be enough. Well lit up natural sunlight in a bed room with simple lighting fixtures along with wall fixed side lamps can just be sufficient. Some time you can reinforce the light by adding a few layers of fairy lights without adding a huge cost to the budget.

Don’t forget that every inch of space matters. Its best to utilize any small and awkward corner into a usable storage space. You can elevate storage off the floor and double the shelve areas in the spaces that would not be used otherwise. The key here is to have dual purpose for every piece you put into the space. A tiny seating bench can be a storage for books, magazines or even blankets. Building storage around the bed can make it easy to give all your stuff a proper home. And of course last but definitely not the least make sure your space is comforting, whether large or small. So go for it and have your small bedroom makeover now!

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