Outdoor Kitchen décor Ideas

As soon as the summer and warmer weather approaches, there is nothing more pleasing than having a meal in an outdoor kitchen setup. Just imagine on a weekend with family, friend and loved ones, you can enjoy quality time with some barbecue , perhaps even some music. In the recent time more than any other, there has been a great value of outdoor seating. It is all about creating an experience, a simple meal can have so much more joy once being in nature and  under twinkling stars.

Barbecue Area is the start up point of any outdoor kitchen area. A nice grill station can make it so pleasing to have freshly cooked smoky flavored meals. Nice out door slabs with weather resistant  marble counter top makes a great place for meal prep area.

You can fully enjoy the outdoors by having a nice seating area. You can always go for patio set or have  some unused indoor furniture and give it a good old varnish finish for weather shielding. There are endless possibilities even a self build log bench or a picnic table from wood with in your property can give it a exquisite personalized touch. Throwing in some outdoor rug and few cushions with a pop of colors can make the space be beautiful. Having few blankets to cozy up and chit chat is always an add on to the whole ambiance.

A cute fire place in the center or on the side of the outdoor kitchen seating can have you to cozy up in the chilly nights under the beautiful glittering sky. One cute part that add the aesthetic touch to the outdoor area, is placing your firewood in racks.

Since there is outdoor kitchen it doesn’t hurt to have a herb garden. It is so practical to have your freshly available mint, basil and parsley right at your finger tips. While we are at this, having your outdoor plants pot by your seating with beautiful flower or even a flower bed can make you fall in love with your outdoor space once again. Lush green hedges give you a very serene area to cook and invite guest.

Lighting an outdoor space can make it into a magical wonderland in the evening and dark night sky. There are so many outdoor fixtures and lighting to choose from when it comes to outdoor living space. There are many solar charged outdoor lighting and lanterns to lit up the space.

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