Bedroom Paint Ideas

It is well known that the bedroom is the heart of the ones living space. After a long tiring day it is ideal to relax in a serene bedroom where one can heal the body, mind and soul. There are many factors that make a bedroom a place of blissful peace. One of these is the combination of paints and textures to bring a certain taste of life style of the home owner.

Bedroom paints in the recent and modern living space is usually toward whites and lighter tones or in the same family of shades. This gives a more soothing atmosphere and gives greater leverage to bring focus to furniture, fixtures and fittings. There is a lot of liking for more neutrals shades of paints in bedroom to make it more comfortable and to bring an overall sophisticated charm to the bedroom space.

A beautifully styled bedroom can have an accent wall to give a central point. The paints used in the accent wall can be anything that reflects the type of style you as a home owner is going for. For instance for a more barn interior outlook the shade of paints could be in the range of more brown and beige, while a retro styled bedroom can have a pop of color from any shades of pink, reds and purples.

Some accent walls paints can have nature themed shades, bringing the outdoors look to the indoors. This is when all shades of green paints come handy which can be complimented with indoor plants and terracotta plant pots. Some time even a black accent wall could work wonders to bring a very modern and subtle look in to the bedroom.

The ceiling paints can also bring a detailed touch to the bedroom interior. The best choice for a ceiling color is usually white. It is the most neutral color that best fits with any combination of wall paint. It gives a more brighter feel to the whole bedroom and also make it look more spacious. But if you want to try a new look and splash new shades to the ceiling paints to achieve a more snug and cozy feel, lighter shades of warm colors such as pale yellow and off whites can also work.

There is so many different choices for paints to fit ones sense of style and interior. Some time an out of the box thinking can work just as well. Some more daring types of paints can bring the next hit and trendy interior design of a bedroom.  Many patterns are created by bringing voguish look to the walls of the bedroom.  It surprising how a mare paint brush, painters tape and a pattern idea can achieve a whole new look for very less. It always a hit or a miss but at the end there is no loss you can always go back and repaint if you are not satisfied with the results. So go for it, be your own think tank and choose the paints that you like to be a crafty artist of your bedroom.

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